Candidate Competency Assessments

TrustPoint utilizes a competency based report that provides us with data to help your company decide which candidate will most successfully fill a job opening.

The report provides an overview of each job applicant’s inherent work capabilities.

The Candidate Competency Assessment is used specifically for sales roles. Within any sales organization, there are many ways to increase revenue. The Candidate Competency Assessment will determine if a candidate will effectively ‘hunt’ for new business, up-sell and cross-sell existing ac­counts, build customer loyalty, and/or manage a high volume prod­uct against a competitive pricing strategy. Using our Sales Quadrant Model, your candidate will be measured against four types of sell­ing, and the best fit will be strengths and weaknesses based on competencies being evaluated.

Knowing that a person has the right education and experience is simply not enough to gauge his or her effectiveness and productivity in sales.

With the Candidate Competency Assessment, we can answer questions such as:

  • Will the candidate manage the sales cycle effectively, closing business in a timely manner?
  • Can the candidate create value, developing solutions that separate your organization from competitors?
  • Is this candidate able to maintain strong relationships with customers while pursuing additional opportunities?

Armed with this type of information, TrustPoint can accurately assess whether or not the candidate’s behavioral competency traits match the sales job requirements. Should we talk?